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Computer Services

Whatever your Computer problem is - we can fix it!

There are so many varied demands from PC users today, as the devices and uses on offer change and improve all the time.

Here are some ideas of what we offer in terms of the problems you may encounter and the solutions we can provide. The objective being to keep you up to speed and in control of your own installation.


Are all your PCs networked? Can you access information from another PC? Networking offers easy access to information, on other PCs within the home or office. Not just a time saver, it means you do not have to wait and rely on others for information.

Set Up A wireless Network

Want to work from the garden on your laptop - but don't have a clue about setting up a wireless network in your home? Not to worry because at Broadband Man we do! We will visit your home and install your wireless router, configure the settings, username and password, SSID and encryption. We will also give you advice on what to do if you ever lose your Internet connection.

Consider wireless Print Server?

Broadband Man can add a wireless Print server to your network so that every one on the network can print whenever they like without having any other Pc on network turned on. How about sharing one Printer for the whole family? Relieving your main Pc to do more valuable work.

Virus Check & Eradication

Bugged down with virus' and error messages that you just don't understand? Well Broadband Man can help you. We will de-bug your PC or laptop, perform virus checks, and clean your files - removing virus’ Spy- ware and other nasty bugs lurking around. You'll have a bug free PC!

Hardware Installation

You may have a new PC, Mac or printer and don't know where to start in installing it. We can take the hassle out of it. This will be done in your home and then tested for your satisfaction. PC's have more gadgets than ever before, so sometimes it can feel impossible to keep up with extra ports or power supplies - again leave it to us!

Protection for You & Your Children

With most of us spending a lot of hours of the day on line now at work or at home, its best to ensure everything is secure and protected – with Child security being the most important. Our specialists offer great protection packages with installation to keep your children safe while surfing the net with parental controls. With the increase in identity thefts we'll also help you keep all your personal information secure.

Data Transfer, Recovery & Archiving

Bought a new PC and want to transfer all the data on your old PC to the new one? We can safely do this. Want to dispose of your old PC? We provide a data cleanse service. We also provide a data recovery service and we can also back up all your current data so you'll never lose those important files or those precious family photographs.

New Software & Updates

You may have bought new software for your PC and are not sure how to install it. Or maybe you just want the latest software on your computer. Whatever it is we can install it on your hard drive and add the latest updates. If your computer keeps crashing we can even get your software back to a previous time when it was working satisfactorily!

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